How you spend the day in this unique sailing festival is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can enjoy the blue and green with a calm state of mind on your boat all day long, let yourself go with the flow in the morning yoga classes, and enjoy the unique scenery during your morning hike. Or you can participate in all water activities during the day and dance like no-one is watching in happy hours. With your ready-to-party mode, you can sip your drink at sunset during the evening sail. After having your dinner with local delicacies in the most beautiful bays, you let yourself go to the flow of music again and again. And later? You are invited to grab your pillow and sleep under the stars! 

It’s super easy to be part of this wonderful experience. Choose your destination & date and pick up your gang.


Embracing tones of blue in the amazing bays of Göcek?

Here we go!


Sailing not only to the endless blues but witnessing the most beautiful reddish sunsets of Bozburun.


A DIY route for you to plan where to, with whom and how to party.